Bye bye N.T.A.!

The partners have just celebrated the end of the project in France and England which was centered around final events in Amiens on 17th March 2015 and in Chichester on 24th March 2015.

These two events gave an opportunity to present project results on both sides of the Channel. This included speeches from project partners and beneficiaries on three main topics: e-learning/blended learning, beneficiary exchanges in France and in England and a pilot action on street food.

The partners reflected on the highlights of the project: the Autumn University in Dieppe, the hair show in Amiens, the Summer University in Chichester, beneficiary exchange visits, shared classes, e-seminar, and especially the excellent cooperation that has developed on this project between the French and English and the quality of exchanges between partners and the openness that this has raised among project stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries.

To this end, two videos to promote the project have been created: one with testimonies of beneficiaries, one on street food.

Regarding the exchange visits, 143 beneficiaries, French and English together, went abroad on the project, to France or England, as part of the different actions implemented.

By Elodie FLE (IREAM)


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Last Project Steering Committee with JTS Interreg IVA

The last Project Steering Committee took place on 16th March 2015 at CMA80. The partners presented the project’s achievements to the Interreg IVA correspondent, Florent NOISETTE, two weeks before the closing of the project’s operational phase. A presentation of the main outputs was done, illustrated by pictures, screenshots, videos, allowing to actually trace the project’s life and give an accurate view of what has been implemented with the financial support of ERDF.

Regarding the exchange visits, 143 beneficiaries, French and English together, went abroad on the project, to France or England, as part of the different actions implemented.

By Elodie FLE (IREAM)

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Final event in France and England: save the dates!

The Interreg IVA ‘N.T.A.’ partnership organizes in March the project final event in France and in England.

Tuesday 17th March 2015 at 2.00 at Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat de la Somme
Address: Cité des métiers – 7 rue de l’Île Mystérieuse – 80 440 Boves

Tuesday 24th March 2015 at Chichester College
Address: Westgate fields – Chichester – West Sussex – PO19 1SB

This event will be an opportunity to present on both sides of the Channel project results with testimonies of the various project protagonists – partners and beneficiaries – partners and beneficiaries – around three main topics: e-learning/blended learning, young exchanges in France and in England and a pilot action on street food.

Programme of the final event in Amiens

By Elodie FLE (IREAM)

Masterclass with English companies

An exhibition by French master chef, Alexis CAQUELARD, wowed local catering employers with a vegetable sculpture masterclass.

The French chef and lecturer, who is widely regarded as being one of France’s premier gastronomic craftsmen and officially the best butcher in France, made his way to Chichester College along with six of his own catering students. Based in the heart of the College’s catering department for the afternoon, the French craftsman, guiding the visiting caterers through the use of a translator, started the demonstration by precisely cutting into an onion to make the base for a ‘flower’.

Once the base was complete, chef Caquelard then moved on to a number of different vegetables which he worked on with fascinating skill and precision. In one case he held up a common-looking bunch of celery – the same that you would pick-up off the supermarket shelf – and within a few seconds had struck a number of swift cuts to transform it into the stem and leaves of a very true-to-life flower arrangement. For the local caterers this was a fantastic opportunity to witness up-close a skilled craftsman with an international reputation. Not least due to the fact that they got to perfect these skills throughout the demonstration, as they were each paired with a student from Chef Caquelard’s college, Centre de Formation et d’Expertise Culinaire in Dieppe.

This was the culmination of what has been a fantastic partnership between the UK and France that has seen both staff and students from each country visit Chichester and northern France as part of a European funded project via the Interreg programme.

By Aaron BUTSON (Chichester College)

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Last experimentation before the end of the project: the holding of two e-seminars between the English Colleges and the French apprentice training centres.

On the programme, quizzes were concocted by the French partners and were given to the English students on the topic of catering and general culture in French gastronomy. English Colleges also devised questions for the French apprentices on catering and English cooking.

Training centers were connected through Skype and students questioned each other live. While some questions were not a problem for students and were a good way to test their knowledge in their field of training and see the knowledge acquired through the exchange visits to France and England, others were real traps!

By Elodie FLE (IREAM)

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A promising start!

Young people from the partner Mission Locales (Mission Locale Dieppe Côte d’Albâtre, Mission locale de la Picardie Maritime et MEEF Santerre Haute-Somme) have just completed their first session in street food training at CFA Dieppe on 15th and 16th September. The partners started their recruitment of young people in July to participate in the street food action proposed by the NTA project. Young people who have committed will also participate in a day of preparation for mobility and in a street food training in England organized by Care Co-ops. Their English counterparts will have the same mirrored experience and will come to the apprentice training centre of Dieppe in October for training.

At the end of the first day of training in France and this immersion in the concept of street food, the young expressed their satisfaction and motivation to continue the adventure. The partners are committed to support these young people in their path and help them find or create opportunities in this area.

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Young exchange visit at Care Co-ops

Last October Care Co-Operatives welcomed 24 French unemployed young people as part of ‘N.T.A.’.

Based at the Big Fig caterers in Brighton, the young took part in array of informative, fun, and practical kitchen tasks with the Big Fig team. Cooking up a storm from smoking fresh locally sourced fish, producing sushi, preparing for a large buffet event, butchering a pig, as well as finishing the week with a street food stall with a selection of homemade sausages.

Alongside the cooking, the learners also visited some of Brighton’s best restaurants and food companies including: SILO, which is the U.K.s first zero waste restaurant, Brighton Sausage Company, Brighton & Newhaven Fish Market, Turners Farm & Brewery, and HiSbe, a supermarket whose purpose is to make the food industry more fair and sustainable.

Care Co-Operatives would like to thank the French apprenticeships, and look forward to taking English apprentices to France in the near future.

By Fiona RAS (Care Co-ops)

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Meeting with JTS Interreg IVA

N.T.A. project partners met on 02nd September 2014 their contact from Interreg IVA JTS (Joint Technical Secretariat), Florent NOISETTE, during a Technical Committee in Rouen.

This meeting enabled the partners to present the project progress and the next actions to be delivered. A demonstration of the various tools developed online has been carried out and a press review has been distributed.

At the date of Technical Committee, 84 French and English beneficiaries had already been in European mobility in France or in England to develop their professional skills and acquire new knowledge.

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Feedback from the Summer university in Chichester

Chichester College organized an NTA Summer University on June the 5th, 6th and 7th this year which included the project partners and young people. The event took place within the College and outdoors on Saturday during the ChiFest, a festival of food and music which attracts hundreds of people each year.

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Young French people (IREAM, CFA de Dieppe, Mission Locale Dieppe Côte d’Albâtre, Mission locale de la Picardie maritime, MEEF Santerre Haute-Somme) took part in an exchange at the College for three days and had a packed schedule: participation in a master class about the summer sauces, preparation of a cross-border meal for the project partners, discussion with a Catering Director about the labour and job market in England and the opportunities for young French people.

The Summer university culminated on Saturday at ChiFest and the preparation of food.
A demonstration kitchen in a marquee was set up to put on food demonstrations within the framework of the NTA summer university.

The IREAM apprentices and their pastry teacher, Bruno LEROUX, put on a recipe demonstration of Parisian macaroons and Amiens macaroons. The partner of Bhagavat Educational Trust, Bharti BARON, did demonstrations of traditional Indian recipes.
The tastings were a huge success among the British public!

Then the CFA de Dieppe apprentices and their practice teacher, Alexis CAQUELARD, France’s Best Worker, did a demonstration of vegetable carvings which delighted the public.

Care Co-ops displayed a yurt in front of the College in which three trainers of the organization did cooking demonstrations throughout the day in which young French people took part.

Discovering professional working practices, exchanging know-how, working in a real situation and as a cross-border team, public demonstrations: Young students could reveal their talents in a festive atmosphere. It was a real success!